Who we are:

We are a galaxy of professionals operating under the name of HELIO GROUP Capital Investment & Project Financing Company. HELIO GROUP is part of Helio group limited and Group of Companies. We also represent diverse experiences, expertise and backgrounds including financing, investment, business development, business consultation, business planning, project management, commerce, marketing, media, engineering, contracting, construction.We are based in London, United Kingdom.

We manage a portfolio of varied projects that need to get financed and our projects are open to Joint Ventures, Equity Investment, Direct Investment, Financing, Funding or Partnerships. The aforesaid projects are London, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco and others.

The projects represent varied sectors including industry, manufacturing, aviation, mining, technology, infrastructure, energy, public transport, healthcare, education, renewable energies, oil & gas, waste management, waste to energy, real estate, sports, entertainment, renewable energy…etc.

Thanks to our business ties in United Kingdom and other countries, we have always been approached by a number of Project Owners, Principals, Promoters, Entrepreneurs and Businessmen to find solid and practical solutions for their high-profiled projects including Investment, Financing, Funding, Equity Investment, Joint Venture Partnerships. We have already signed mutual agreements with a number of financial organizations and have recently started procedural operations required, but we need to diversify our portfolio in this aspect.

It is worth mentioning that we directly deal with project owners and decision makers, i.e. we rarely handle the aforesaid projects via brokers or mediators. This would indisputably make ends meet faster, more professional and more transparent.


In addition to protecting the interests of clients, we deliver solid, seamless, customer centric and sustainable Investment and Project Financing Solutions, partnering with globally reputed financial institutions and firms.

Mission statement:

We launch strategic initiatives to enable our clients to financing their projects and businesses. We provide products and services tailored to meet the specific and persistent funding needs of our clients. We consistently work in transparency, dedication, professionalism to come up with smart and timely solutions for our clients.

Meet The Team:

Thomas Harris
Managing director

Callum Briggs
Chief Investment Manager

Tony Mattsson
Global Investment Manager

George Arnold
Head of Corporate Finance

Jodie Webb
Finance Manager

Jennifer Eichmann
Investment Analyst

Levi Oren
Associate (Israel)

Kay D. Sauls
Associate (USA)

HELIO GROUP Capital Investment

Director – Curtis Nathan